Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vinroc album trailer.

Check my Album trailer produced by the folks over at Battle Avenue I've been so excited to share where I've been musically for some time! Peep this acoustic cover I did of a classic record that's in a lot of your favorite Dj's collection,"Hot Music" by Soho.I wanted to show musically where I came from as a Dj but also represent where I am today as an Artist.So enjoy the music and I hope it gives you an idea of what I'm excited to bring to all of you!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beat the System 2 remix album!

Thanks to DJ Les for inviting me to contribute to the beat the system 2 remix album. FREE Download link below!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Audio Animation

It's interesting to me listening to some of my old mixtapes and studying where my head was at at that point in time. Audio Animation was one of my very first mixtapes, in fact it's probably the 3 or 4th mxtape I had ever made in my career as a DJ. I created it with my homie Dj Ed Swift who was another ill Dj I knew back in Jersey.He was also an I'll Artist and Graphic designer and did the cover for the mixtape so it was mos def a team endeavour. It was the mid 90s and I was engulfed in the Turntablist and hip hop underground movement, and techniques and technical prowess was the focus of dopeness. Performing difficult cuts and juggles were periodically sprinkled in to establish my technical prowess and assert my dominance and the musical selection refelcted the blossoming independent hip hop music movement led by record stores like Fat Beats at the time. In other words I was battling and being bragadocious (an integral element of hip hop of course) Hip Hop kid from NYC, . My more mature and more experienced ears hear an overt need to perform technically on tape but so was the norm back in the day. I have "mellowed" as a DJ and prefer a combination of flow and skill which was a main binding agent for the forming of the Triple Threat Djs in the late 90's. and also a reflection of the continued learning and experience I was blessed to recieved for years after this mix was released.

My very first piece of studio production equipment was the Tascam 424 which I picked up at the infamous Canal Street electronics dealers, and an Ibanez delay pedal I got from an old class mate. I'd run the DJ setup through the pedal for scratch effects. This specific recording technique and style of mix was the precursor to one of my most well known golden era hip hop mixes which I produced a few years later when I moved to California better known as Reconstruction. Listening to Audio Animation now, I see it as a rough draft or an unpolished version to Reconstruction which I am told by many fans of my mixes was pretty good so I'll take you word for it. But If you havnt heard AA yet , I hope you enjoy and appreciate it for what it is. For me it was a fun time expanding my DJ skills and one of the most creative times in the history of Djing to be a part of.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Mixset Episode 1: House quick drill!

Download on Mixcrate!

I quickly put together an edited version of a section of my new mix Return of the Jedi: House form 1A. Iv'e been saying the Dicer controllers are game changers especially when it comes to adding a cool new dimension with turntable manipulation. In an age where midi controllers and Laptop computers are replacing old technology like the turntable, I thought it would be a great to demonstrate some of the old ways are still useful in a Dance music environment if used in context and flows with the genre of music you are manipulating. So peep the first episode for a new web series from ThatsThat label and myself called the MIXSET where we showcase some really cool quick mixes. Enjoy!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Return of the Jedi: the Mix series

Whats up with the Star Wars stuff? Yea I know, I geek out, but a lot of the mythology that makes Star Wars so popular is based in the classic mythologies and teachings of many cultures in our worlds history. These are concepts deeply ingrained in our consciousness. The young hero Luke Skywalker vs the Evil monster Darth Vader, the rag tag Rebel Alliance challenging the corrupt Emperor and the Great Empire( the 1% vs the 99%). A Belief in a higher power or an unseen Force. For many including myself Star Wars is our modern day version of Beowulf, Greek Mythology or a Biblical story that has deep meaning and moral undertones.

For myself the Jedi Knights and their beliefs have always inspired me. A noble group who followed a certain moral code to inspire and make peoples lives better throughout the Galaxy. In some ways I find some similarities to the last generation of Great Djs. We practiced our skills incessantly like Jedi's with their ability to manipulate the Force and Light saber fighting techniques to defend ourselves in Battle. As technology progressed, and Dj equipment changed, some of us still hold on to the Turntable as our main form of manipulation similar to the Jedi, who use the lightsaber in a world of Blaster rifles as their main weapon. As Obi-Wan put it : "An elegant weapon, from a more civilized age." It's a choice I make because of tradition and a preference for manipulating music a certain way. Now I am not trying to put down any progress or change happening in the Dj world I just consider myself part of a great tradition of Djs and choose to hold on to some of those teachings. But for the most part thats where the similarities end with Djing.

More significantly, the real appeal for me are the philosophies the Jedi characters and of course George Lucas emulate. Many of these are based in religious philosophies such as Buddhism for example:

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

“Do or do not... there is no try.”

"Always remember, your focus determines your reality."
―Qui-Gon Jinn

"The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi

"You must do what you feel is right, of course."

-Mastering your emotions and not letting anger, fear and hate control you or lead your decisions.
You can be self-centered and "look out for self". This is a common attitude in western society and unfortunately permeates a lot of popular music to it's core at the moment. Or use your Powers to make other's lives better, a life of Sacrifice, a life of gratitude. Which is more fulfilling to you? The path of the Dark side or the Light side?
-Anything you put your mind too you can accomplish. If you don't believe you can do it, have the resources, have the time, then you have already set the tone.
-Their is the Belief in a deeper meaning to life and that there lies a great Force or Spirit beneath the surface that we can't see and we can tap at anytime. Faith...
-And always trust your instinct. Always do what you feel is right: "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become"-Steve Jobs

Truthfully I have been to my own kind of Dark Side. I let fear,regret, anger, ego, engulf me for some time. I feared losing my spot. I let that fear control how I created and represented my music. I've even held some music back thinking many of you would not appreciate it. I began to regret my career because it was not where I wanted it to be and I held anger against those who I felt wronged me or did not support me. My accomplishments from my past became my crutch, my identity. I forgot the joy that music use to bring me when I first began on my journey. I let all of this affect my relationships with people and those I cared for.

It took a series of Life changes to shake me up which I would rather not bore you with the details since this post is already long enough. But I feel in the last year or so I've found a path. Each day I am learning to Battle my fears and control my anger. I no longer fear losing my spot because it is not my spot to lose. Anything I've accomplished is because great people and fans supported me and I'm so appreciative of that fact. I have long forgiven those who I have clashed with and now honestly wish to express myself with no fear, no regret, only the joy of creating and seeing my projects to completion. I appreciate each person I meet and wish and hope any interaction we have enriches their life in someway. And I've also learned to let go. I've learned to trust the Force will guide me as I keep gratitude in my heart for the opportunity to work on my craft and what I have been blessed to experience. And knowing that enables me to express myself more freely and not be held in the constrains of being a certain kind of person. I no longer fear whether you accept me or not as I have learned to accept myself.

So its taken me some time but I feel I am back in Flow with things and this new House Music Mix RETURN OF THE JEDI is one of the first projects in my newly rediscovered energy state. It's the first of a series of mixes under this title covering a span of things that influence me ergo the "House Form 1a" to identify each volume I'll be releasing since I'll be jumping around creatively.I hope I give some enjoyment to your lives with this one just as many of you have proclaimed to me with the So Much Soul Series. I know there are many of you out there who are into a diverse array of music as I am and I know we will find each other via the Force. I am only beginning on this new path and hope to discover much about myself creatively and I think you will all be pleasantly surprised into what I am evolving into.

So when some of you see me compare myself to the Jedi, please realize I do not speak from a egocentric place about DJ skills. This is much bigger then anything I could of ever accomplished in that world. And most people who know me personally know that I am actually quite humble. This is about following my voice even if it leads me into unfamiliar territory without fear and an open heart. I no longer deny what I am and the experiences that have shaped me. I am Unique in my talents just as all the other DJ/Jedi's/People in this Galaxy and I have long denied myself that recognition. I've discovered that in order to give of myself I must be able to receive what appreciation you give to me. I thank those of you who consider me a legend in the Dj world and accept the criticism from those who disagree .Its been an amazing fun, and turbulent journey and I've got my heart ,mind and soul open to whats next. I'm realizing Djing is only a small part of my story and I hope many of you will appreciate and support my new expanded path. I am a Jedi, and I most certainly have returned.

Return of the Jedi: House Form 1A by Vinroc

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kafe Yen presents Chaopraya Chill Mixed by Vinroc

My folks Jamin at Kafe Yen in San Diego reached out to me to do an Instrumental mix for his Thai restaurant. A lot of stuff I listen to personally is instrumental (most rappers ain't sayin sh!@ anyways) so I jumped at the opportunity because I knew I could be a bit adventurous with the playlist and drop some cool stuff I don't always get to play in front of a crowd. anyway peep my sh!@ and make sure to go get some Pad Thai next time your in SD at my Homie's spot. Music as varied as Fela Kuti to my folks TD Camp, and Roy Ayers..

Master Jedi Vinroc

Kafe Yen presents Chaophraya Chill Mixed by Vinroc

summer madness-Kool & The Gang
Water No Get Enemy-Fela Kuti
Chocolate City Dreaming-Oddisee
She Makes Me Feel Alright (Instrumental)-Freeway&Jake One
You-Gold Panda
heavy duty2-Joe Quixx
I See, I Know (inst)-TD Camp
4 Moms-Tribe Called Quest
Track 29(unknown)-Vitamin D
Come On Outside (Devonwho instrumental re-edit) -Dâm-Funk
I Want You Gone-The ARE
Track 21(unknown)-Jay Dee
Gloaming-L Decosne
2nd 2 none-Vinroc
Gipsy Woman (La da de la da da) -Montefiori Cocktail
Help is on the way instr-the Whatnauts
Move 2 Groove -Roy Ayers
Chop And Quench-Fela Kuti
dub fi gwan -king tubby
Church-Nadastrom & Heartbreak
BEACHCRUISIN_V2 -Goldenchyld
Spanish joint (instrumental)-D'Angelo
Piña-Metro Area
Runnin' (Danny Krivit Re-Edit) -Earth Wind & Fire
Marriage -Gold Panda
Coastal Brake-Tycho

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Heartbeat (a summer house mix) mixed and arranged by The Whooligan

One of the Illest young Djs in SF right now is one of my peoples the Whooligan who recently sent me his new House mix HEARTBEAT. We've always talked about how we both are looking into a more diverse and fun selection when we Dj and we always both vibed on the same type of music especially when it came to House joints. Well he just reinforced what I already knew which was this cat has some serious selections. Peep the link if you don't believe me. This shit stays in rotation. Stay tuned for a snippet House mix from myself and Dj Shortkut, and many more folks in the near future. Stay classy...


1) DJ Jazzy Jeff - Rock Wit U (Yoruba Soul Mix) {Dub} {feat. Erro}
2) DJ Spinna - Music In Me
3) Millenium Social - I Feel Your Energy (Bryan Boogie & Tug Beats Remix) - Vinroc
4) Alix Alvarez - Not To Mention (Main Vox Mix)
5) Phil Asher & The Mighty Zaf - Shakin It Up (Pt. 1) - Main
6) Kaskade - Meditation To The Groove (Johnny Fiasco Remix)
7) Jose James - Love (Ben Westbeech Remix)
8) Ben Westbeech - Falling (The 2 Bears Remix)
9) Dennis Ferrer - Orixas (Fred Everything Remix)
10) JT Donaldson - Trust Me (Broadway & Wilson Mix)
11) Perempay N'Dee & Cleo Sol - Time To Let Go (Louis Benedetti Mix)
12) Tonya Renee - Off My Mind (Reel Soul Vocal Mix)
13) Greymatter - Believe In Something (Ceramic Got The Funk Mix)
14) Osunlade - Cantos a Ochun et Oya (Juan Valentine Re-Edit)